“ACF Care Plan” is a unique value-added service in Hong Kong’s trustee service market to facilitate a high-quality elderly life and longevity for our clients and their beneficiaries. It makes ACF stand out from other market players to become a truly caring trustee company with empathy.

“ACF Care Plan” covers the following 4 areas:

  • Conduct initial and periodic body checks by Hong Kong Adventist Hospitals.
  • Conduct check-ups for potential physical and mental illnesses with follow-up actions recommended and/or arranged.
  • Access to comprehensive rehabilitation services provided by Hong Kong Adventist Hospitals and Adventist Medical Centers.
  • Services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech & music therapy, dietician service, counseling service and exercise class.

  • A “Preventive Lifestyle Medicine Program” collaborating with the “Lifestyle Medicine Clinic” of Hong Kong Adventist Hospitals.
  • Healthy lifestyle check-ups in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and emotional & stress management.
  • ACF clients and their beneficiaries experience care of the mind, body and spiritual health while aging happily at home.
  • Hire suitable nursing professionals and domestic caregivers for ACF clients and their beneficiaries upon their requests.
  • Provide ongoing support to physically/intellectually disabled clients and their appointed beneficiaries in their daily life, such as medication & rehabilitation, education & training, home care services and interest classes.

Free ACF Care Plan membership for all ACF clients and their appointed beneficiaries of all ages.

Flexible packages tailored for clients’ individual needs at special rates charged by medical and care service providers.

Service providers in the closest vicinity of clients' residences.


Cooperation with “Forget Thee Not”, an undertaker of burials, we advocate for proactive planning approaches to address the challenges of end-of-life journeys, using tools such as advance directive, caring plan, funerals and related instructions.

Services provided by Forget Thee Not are operated on a non-profit-making basis. All profits earned are to be used in programs to promote adoption of proactive planning of individual end-of-life-journeys and customised green fune

Three basic services including pre-planning before an inevitable transition, support for Dying at Home and customised green funeral which combined traditions and green values.